Collecting Fossils

In the area around Holzmaden, slate is still quarried today in quarries of up to twelve metres in depth. The slate is mainly used for floor slabs and table tops. The quarrymen come across the fossils by chance; these are then salvaged by the museum’s preparators. The well-preserved finds from the past 150 years can now be seen in prestigious collections and museums throughout the world.

Researchers of all ages can set out on their own in search of fossils. For a small fee, anyone interested can search in the slate quarries.
The Kromer slate quarry in Ohmden is situated only 2.5 kilometres from the the Urweltmuseum Hauff and can be easily reached via a footpath. New layers of shale are constantly exposed, thus providing optimal conditions for finding all manner of ammonites, bivalves, belemnites, pyrite, fossilised wood, fish scales and the remains of sea lilies.

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