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Your event in the Urweltmuseum Hauff

The Urweltmuseum Hauff, located in the midst of the Holzmaden fossil site, offers a very special kind of event setting. The world-famous collection of exceptionally well preserved and elaborately prepared fossils from the 180 million year-old shale of Holzmaden, and the architecturally attractive premises, are fascinating by reason of their unique atmosphere.
For receptions, ceremonies, workshops, gala dinners and similar events, exclusive event locations in the Urweltmuseum Hauff can be rented outside opening hours. In addition to a 210-square-metre multifunctional area in the middle of the exhibits, guests can also avail themselves of the reception area measuring 65 square meters, an additional 25-square-metre room or the outdoor area of the Dino Park, comprising 1,000 square meters. The highlight is the central lily hall, which houses the world’s largest fossilised crinoid colony.
An exclusive tour of the various areas of the collection can be arranged upon request.

Avail yourselves of the museum’s premises for your event. The Urweltmuseum Hauff and an event service network guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

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